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Modern people more and more unable to leave notebooks, mobile phones or tablets,etc.we often have the situation need to charge at the same time.
At that time, the socket line is extremely important for expanding the extension . Limited by the traditional extension of the line specifications, and occasionally the occurrence of five sockets can only be used three. In order to use the full five plugs which leads to two adjacent plugs can not be inserted.It may cause to danger.

AOXO disc-type extension socket

AOXO launched this disc-type extension socket – Power Watch Strip. It is interesting and simple way to solve the problem. Compare the traditional long type which has disk type and wide spacing. It is not easy to push each other, but also meet very modern needs of the USB jack.
disc type power watch strip
5 ac outlets universal surge protector power strip with two usb ports
6 ac outlets usa standard surge protector power strip with 4 usb ports
2 ac outlets uk standard surge protector power strip with 4 usb ports

AOXO power strip is one of the most practical gadgets for your traveling

usb traveling adapter

aoxo smart usb socket We get a share of your traveling “must have” and writes about stuff we think you’ll like.

The one problem with surge protectors power strip is that they’re typically big, bulky, and have very long cables. That’s fine for a bedroom or living room, where you can mask them with furniture, but they are not really traveling-friendly.

That’s not good, which is why I’m recommending this smaller, space-friendly surge protector from AOXO.
It has half the available outlets as its older brother, but it doesn’t have the big bulky cord. Plus, this surge protector has a couple of pretty cool features that others don’t.
smart usb power strip for traveling

The first is a smaller and lighter. If you’d like, you can take it in your pocket or directly into your traveling bags.

The other cool feature is that it has two 2.4v USB ports on it, so you can charge your gadgets through the surge protector, instead of taking up an outlet with an adapter. This makes a lot of sense if you use this product in your traveling. Just have a couple of charging cables handy and plugged in and you’re good to go. Because there are only two of them, picking up a multi-port USB hub is still the way to go if you have a lot of devices.

This product makes that a non-issue, and keeps your electronics safe. It can even charge some while protecting them.

What began this year is sure to be a real highlight at Berlin IFA in 2017?

2017 berlin ifa global market

IFA Global Markets, at STATION-Berlin, AOXO power strips is the original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and to-be-discovered brands from all over the world.

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Get ready for Europe’s largest range of sourcing and suppliers diversity!

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore power strips trends and celebrate the premieres of new technologies and products!

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IFA in Berlin presents the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe‘s most important regional market.

aoxo power strips agents

AOXO attracts the attention of trade visitors each year from more than 30 countries.

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A Good Charging Cable

What is the difference in cables?

From the outside many cables all look the same but on the inside, the construction is different and many cables have a slow only design. It all comes down to the wires ability to carry a fast speed.

Inside a USB cable are 4 wires

  • The white and green are for data .
  • The red and black are 5v and carry the power for charging, these determine charge speed.

The amount of power your cable can carry is determined by the size of the 2 5V wires inside, a standard cable is 28 gauge and is capable of  about .5A, this is the standard charge rate. A faster charger cable has larger internal wires (mostly 24 gauge) that can carry larger currents of 2A or more.

The relationship between gauge and total current is basic electrical physics, a wire is limited in the amount of current it can transfer therefore a larger wire can carry more current. This effect is even worse if you buy really long USB charger cables, you get a longer cable at the price of charging speed. Cable makers can make a low gauge cable cheaper than a fast one, so that is why fast charger cables are usually more expensive as the wires inside are larger. As most devices now are fast compatible I expect to slowly see all third party cables become faster. Currently, there are mostly slow standard cables in the market so if you are ready for fast charging, be sure to check your cables are also ready for your latest device and charger.

Cables like these come in cool colors and are really long. Most of these style cables though are high gauge and really slow down your charging speeds. Ok if you are in bed or in the office but not useful for fast charging and on newer phones. Some of these cables are so long that if you are using it while charging the battery may not even charge.

Need a fast charging cable?

Firstly check your device is fast charger capable and you have a charger capable of supplying the faster rate. Then check the original cable that came with your device, some larger phones and tablets come with fast good size cables so test with that first, if you don’t have the original grab a fast charger cable that matches your device and desired length and enjoy your fully compatible fast charger system.

AOXO USB Power Strip

AOXO Advantage – 3 AC outlets smart power strip with a 5-foot power cord and 6 USB charger ports which offers a convenient method of power distribution in workbench, floor mount applications.Much More Convenient During The Travel, Home And Office Use.(Input Voltage:AC 110V-250V)

5-Port USB Power Strip – Fast and efficient charging for up to 5 digital devices simultaneously. The USB ports that can intelligently detects your device to deliver the fastest possible charge speed up to 2.4 A, which suitable for your ipad, iphone or other smart devices.

Safety Guaranteed – The power stripe was certified by FCC and RoHS and built-in adopting anti-fire ABS+PC materials, the quality and performance are fully guaranteed.Independent power switch and sophisticated circuit breaker design with Over-heated, over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit protection.

Space-Saving Design – HAVIT power strips have slender, modern designs that coordinate well in a home office, entertainment center, or any room with multiple electronic devices.

Considerate Design – HAVIT USB power strip features ON and OFF power switch, visible but not-too-bright LED light, good spaced power plugs to handle block power adapters, 5ft cord allows all your electronic devices plugged without restrictions.

AOXO PowerPort+6 Review

You’re looking for a more powerful portable USB wall charger for your coming travel, aren’t you?

My use case for a portable USB wall charger with five USB ports is to charge at once my smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headphone and Apple Watch. It helps me to have my most-frequently-used gadgets working all the time, especially when I am travelling and I don’t want to have multiple chargers in my luggage.

AOXO is the one the most popular USB wall charger manufacturers on Amazon. I bought an AOXO PowerPort+6 early this month and have been using it since then. I am glad to use it. It is my pleasure to share my review with you.

It is powerful! It can output up to 8A and 40W! Each port can output up to 2.4A. iPhone 6(s) (plus) can draw up to 2.1A while iPad Air 1/2 draws 2.4A. So even if you plug in two iPhone 6 and one iPad Air, the charger is able to output another 7W, large enough for Apple Watch or typical Bluetooth headset. It meets my use case.

It is small and light weight.

It is Smart and charges faster. By AOXO’s PowerIQ technology, AOXO PowerPort+6 can communicate with the device being charged and provide it with the highest current it can take. For example, if an iPhone 6 is plugged in any one of the four USB ports, the port will charge it at 2.1A which is the maximum current iPhone 6 can take. If it is an iPad Air, it will charge it at 2.4A. Charging at maximum current reduces charging time and minimises the expense of unnecessary power. Doing so will make the best use of the maximum 40W power throughput the device can support. Because it charges fast, it can charges more devices (e.g. portable battery) in the same time span when compared to other wall chargers.

It is Smart and user-friendly. Some wall chargers (e.g. Arctic Charger Pro 4) require user to plug power hungry device into the right “fast charge” port. Otherwise if you plug a power hungry device into a standard port, it will be charged at 500mA only and hence takes more time. AOXO PowerPort +6 does not require this.

It is Smart and works with devices which require non-standard USB chargers. A device being charged can detect what type of charger is being used through specific voltages on the USB data pins. Because of this, some devices only work with their own special chargers. An example is Nokia E6 which does not support charging by “dump” charger via its micro USB port. AOXO PowerPort+6 is smart and can manage the voltages at the two data pins in each of the five USB ports.

It is safe. Built-in surge protection.

It can be used in many countries. It is Type A plug which is used in China, Taiwan, Japan and US, etc.

It is joyful to use. It is beautiful. Its USB ports align. It shows commitment.