Are these AOXO power strips inspiring you?

aoxo power strips maufacture

Modern people more and more unable to leave notebooks, mobile phones or tablets,etc.we often have the situation need to charge at the same time.
At that time, the socket line is extremely important for expanding the extension . Limited by the traditional extension of the line specifications, and occasionally the occurrence of five sockets can only be used three. In order to use the full five plugs which leads to two adjacent plugs can not be inserted.It may cause to danger.

AOXO disc-type extension socket

AOXO launched this disc-type extension socket – Power Watch Strip. It is interesting and simple way to solve the problem. Compare the traditional long type which has disk type and wide spacing. It is not easy to push each other, but also meet very modern needs of the USB jack.
disc type power watch strip
5 ac outlets universal surge protector power strip with two usb ports
6 ac outlets usa standard surge protector power strip with 4 usb ports
2 ac outlets uk standard surge protector power strip with 4 usb ports