AOXO power strip is one of the most practical gadgets for your traveling

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The one problem with surge protectors power strip is that they’re typically big, bulky, and have very long cables. That’s fine for a bedroom or living room, where you can mask them with furniture, but they are not really traveling-friendly.

That’s not good, which is why I’m recommending this smaller, space-friendly surge protector from AOXO.
It has half the available outlets as its older brother, but it doesn’t have the big bulky cord. Plus, this surge protector has a couple of pretty cool features that others don’t.
smart usb power strip for traveling

The first is a smaller and lighter. If you’d like, you can take it in your pocket or directly into your traveling bags.

The other cool feature is that it has two 2.4v USB ports on it, so you can charge your gadgets through the surge protector, instead of taking up an outlet with an adapter. This makes a lot of sense if you use this product in your traveling. Just have a couple of charging cables handy and plugged in and you’re good to go. Because there are only two of them, picking up a multi-port USB hub is still the way to go if you have a lot of devices.

This product makes that a non-issue, and keeps your electronics safe. It can even charge some while protecting them.